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5-56207 Blouse

5-56207 Blouse

RM 89.90


5-56017 Skirt 5-56017 Skirt

5-56017 Skirt

RM 129.90

Floral, fashionable and classical midi skirt, It's the special design will make you look unique.Have..

5-56016 Playsuit 5-56016 Playsuit

5-56016 Playsuit

RM 149.90

A Playsuit can solve all your problems~ It brings out the feminine and the youthfulness. A..

5-56015 Skirt 5-56015 Skirt

5-56015 Skirt

RM 97.90

Plained A-line dress made of high-quality materials and also perfect pair with classic crop top comp..

5-56014 Skirt 5-56014 Skirt

5-56014 Skirt

RM 122.90

Polka Dot A Line Mid Dress, suitable for any occassion.Add to cart now!..

5-56013 Skirt 5-56013 Skirt

5-56013 Skirt

RM 109.90

A-line dress with buttons design It is made of high-quality materials, durable for your daily w..

5-56012 Blouse 5-56012 Blouse

5-56012 Blouse

RM 90.90

A boutique floral set wear is a perfect fit for a variety of occasions.Expand your classic dress col..

5-56011 Blouse 5-56011 Blouse

5-56011 Blouse

RM 89.90

sleevesless blouse with simple dot design made of breathable material, not only brings out a kind of..

5-56007 Blouse 5-56007 Blouse

5-56007 Blouse

RM 119.90

V neck top with puff sleeves,  a never change trendy top that suitable for all kinds of oc..

5-56006 Blouse 5-56006 Blouse

5-56006 Blouse

RM 89.90

Simple design T- Shirt, brings the style of minimal and also comfortable and airiness clothing ..

5-56004 Playsuit 5-56004 Playsuit

5-56004 Playsuit

RM 189.90

The floral playsuit with ruffle sleeves is the best choice to turn you into an elegant ladyThe chiff..

5-56003 Dress 5-56003 Dress

5-56003 Dress

RM 139.90

Stripes A line dress  show slim fit  that reveals the shape of our S-curve.Add to cart now..

5-56002 Blouse 5-56002 Blouse

5-56002 Blouse

RM 89.90

Explore our new stripes blouse, let's add in new set of outfit into your wardrobe!..

5-55811 Pants 5-55811 Pants

5-55811 Pants

RM 139.90

 Here come our NEW ARRIVAL items!!..

5-55810 Skirt 5-55810 Skirt

5-55810 Skirt

RM 99.90

A little avant-garde styling skirt, is an outfit that can be wear for work or casual stylish weekend..

5-55809 Skirt 5-55809 Skirt

5-55809 Skirt

RM 99.90

This skirt is a wardrobe essential ! Dress up for the perfect evening outfit or go for a date...

5-55808 Dress 5-55808 Dress

5-55808 Dress

RM 159.90

Sleeveless long dress with blue color design,  It brings a strong visual impact and gives ..

5-55807 Dress 5-55807 Dress

5-55807 Dress

RM 149.90

Dress with a stripes design is the best choice to show you young and energetic. White, the pure..

5-55806 Top 5-55806 Top

5-55806 Top

RM 125.90

Black V neck blouse with a touch of minimal design, pair with a long, loose and a little avant-garde..

5-55805 Dress 5-55805 Dress

5-55805 Dress

RM 169.90

Off-the-shoulders dress are one of the hottest fashion trends..

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